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New Terrace heaters

Since the first of April, we have our newest AL 4-6-7 Series available! This professional patio heater is made in our...

Global 10

Many people know Alke from the famous heater model Global...

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Terrace - AL 4-6-7 Series - AL 7-Ei

This model has electronic ignition and a symmetric reflector. The heater generates 5,6kW which is enough to cover 16m2 heatingsurface.
GasPressure (mbar)Cap. (kW Hs)Gas consumption CE Approval
G20205,900,57 m3/hYes
G20100-2004,40-6,200,59 m3/hYes
G25205,900,66 m3/hYes
G25.315-254,35-5,600,61 m3/hYes
G25.3100-2004,10-5,800,63 m3/hYes
G3125-503,90-5,50394 g/hYes
G3175-1504,05-5,70408 g/hYes

Handleiding AL-4, AL-6, AL-7
Manual AL-4, AL-6, AL-7
Product sheets AL-7-Ei
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